This now page is taken from Derek Sivers' idea at Nownownow wherein bloggers and website owners from the world over share what they're up to.

So here's mine:

  1. After two years in Dubai, now currently—and very happily—living in the Philippines (born and bred Filipino).
  2. Working through an online company as a writer.
  3. Blogging on my personal website.
  4. Trying to setup business online.
  5. Working on an app for creatives.
  6. Netflixing my way through boring days. Lol.
  7. Spending magical moments with family, friends, and some reeaaally good company.
  8. Thanking God everyday for everything. :)

Credits to:

  1. Derek Sivers for coming up with the Now page
  2. Violeta Nedkova for the inspiration 😊