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Hey, I’m Elaine! I create content, develop websites, and share about multipassionate life from my own experience.

I am also a mom. I understand what it’s like to constantly try to find time, clarity, and focus when it comes to creativity.

I’m not perfect but I’ve learned a couple of things along the way. I’ve made it my mission to help you take aligned action.

So I know we just met but I made a couple of free things for you

(Girl came prepared.)

how we roll (like sushi but with less mercury)

Elaine Aquino Brand Values

I realize there’s a lot of content creators out there. But my main goal is to do things with flexibility and fun in mind.

Like so much f*cking fun. So much flexibility, it blows your mind.

Because I’m just going to admit… I am not a fan of adhering to what’s on the calendar all the time.

Also, I want you to feel so welcome in this space!

I value inclusivity so much (see pic on the right). I don’t even think it’s a word yet. My spell checker is telling me so.

But yes. The world could use more kindness, more supportive voices empowering others to pursue their creative projects and to keep creating!

The Fickle Newsletter

Elaine Aquino

Alright, Iโ€™m just gonna say it. Iโ€™m not the most consistent newsletter writer on the planet. For 12 weeks some time ago, I was regular-ish. And then I thought of you. I thought you deserved better than reading the same sales-y words that love to kiss a$$ to get you to do something already… Well. I thunk about this hard and, no, I donโ€™t like kissing a$$ at all.

But Iโ€™m also not mean. I like to say good things because thatโ€™s what I truly see. And in this newsletter, you might get some lessons. Or you might not. You can always unsubscribe anytime.

Whichever your choice, I respect it. And if you want to do this creative journey with me in your inbox every now and then to remind you of the immense power thatโ€™s already in you, be my very special guest. I would love to have you around! And if you agree that fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering…

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