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Hey, I’m Elaine!

I create content, develop websites, and share about multipassionate life from my own experience. I am also a momma to a toddler. I understand what it’s like to constantly try to find time, clarity, and focus when it comes to creativity. I’m not perfect but I’ve learned a couple of things along the way. I’ve made it my mission to help YOU by transforming your mindset and habits so you can hold a safe space to be RESILIENT and feel EMPOWERED.

So I know we just met but...

I made a couple of free things for you. (Girl came prepared.)

How we roll

(like sushi but with less mercury)

I realize there’s a lot of content creators out there. But my main goal is to do things with flexibility and fun in mind. Like so much f*cking fun. So much flexibility, it blows your mind. Because I’m just going to admit… I am not a fan of adhering to what’s on the calendar all the time. Also, I want you to feel so welcome in this space! I value inclusivity so much (see pic on the right). The world could use more kindness, more supportive voices empowering others to pursue their creative projects and to keep creating!

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