Rest and relaxation for rebel tendencies

Good work deserves great rest. Sometimes, it’s easier said than done though. Continuous work and effort feels much more productive and sitting still for even just a few minutes can seem unbearable. But you know what? Rest and relaxation is just as important as working your butt off. The reason is that you really can’t do it all without giving yourself space and time to recover. Read more »

Vlog Episode 10: Community and Friends

Heyyy… Just a short video for today about some of the reasons why I’m not fond of the “community” talk. Also, some points about introversion and extroversion sprinkled in there, too. Hope you like it. Enjoy! Thanks for watching! Photo by Sara KurfeรŸ on Unsplash Read more »

Episod 10: Why I Donโ€™t Like Talking About Community

Hey there! It’s not that I don’t like being on a community or having friends at all. It’s just that talking about them is a different story for me. I think it’s much more fruitful to talk about ideas and actually plan some course of action that will make your future self thankful. Read more »

Why I donโ€™t like talking about community

People judge those with few friends. They quickly claim you have none at all. Chances are, however, you do have close friends. They’re just not as many as the rest of society believes to be the right amount. When it comes to friendship, you’d want quality over quantity anyway. If we’re talking about connections, sure, quantity can get you very far. Read more »