Deploying Hugo on GitLab Pages

Fork the Hugo repository In your projects’s settings, do the following: Go to Settings >> General >> Advanced then Remove fork relationship Go to Settings >> General >> Advanced then Rename Repository. Make changes accordingly. Optional: For modifying project details. Go to Settings >> General >> General Project Change Project Description to reflect your site’s URL for easier access Add tags or change the default Hugo avatar Optional: For changing project visility to Private. »

Cloning Local GitLab Repositories for Hugo Websites

At the time of writing this post, GitLab doesn’t have a desktop app for Mac yet. Too lazy to learn (and memorize) git from the command line, I tried to find a way to push/ pull files to my private GitLab repositories. In a nutshell, these are the steps to follow to get it done: Prerequisites: A GitLab account. A running Hugo website. (You can fork the GitLab repo here. »

Updates on Bash Scripting for Hugo

Clarity is an important aspect when starting any venture. Coding and/ or web development is no exception. Hence, I’d like to lay out the concept of what I’m trying to make.


Messing Around with Bash Scripting

Been working on a bash script to automate creating new posts for multiple static websites. It’s going great so far. I just need to clean up the code a little bit before posting the project publicly on Gitlab.