Elaine Aquino

Exploring multi-passionate tools for
For the creative multi-passionate and content creator hoping to accomplish BIG [different] goals little by little.

Hey, I'm Ellie!

I want to help you pursue ideas that matter for you and support you in realizing your dreams.

I am a multi-passionate content creator and I believe that different is good.

Currently creating an app for you so you can accomplish big different goals little by little

Care to learn more about me? Read more this way.

Choose your adventure

Being a multi-passionate isn’t easy. But the beautiful thing about it is we get to pick our own adventure. 🙂


All articles related to mindset and a little bit of woo-woo (that is, manifestation).


Offbeat ways to set goals and accomplish them little by little.


Key reminders in taking aligned action to a more intentional level.


Finding ways to bring all our learning moments together.