Do You Love Your Work?

It is quite not usual for people who are my age to work in an office like I do. There has been a lot of complications along the way as to how I ended up here but I’m really happy that they accepted me. Working has taught me a lot. Responsibility. Initiative. Guts. Wisdom. And […]

United States Politics

I assume people think I’m in no position to talk about politics, especially one that doesn’t belong to my country. But I was just curious… what are democrats & republicans? And if President Bush is a republican, then what’s the implication? nn Okay, the reason I’m writing about this is that, most of the time, […]

A Techy World

It seems, from my observations, that technology is almost always the ‘talk in town.’ Just here in WordPress, the best blogs talk about technology and I think you know what I mean when I say there is a special kind of ‘Scobleized’ technology talk around ;-). I don’t even have to link to that guy’s […]