Depressed Test: My Results

When I stumbled by a Filipino blogger’s blog, I found this and curiously took my test. 😐 nn n n n Disordern n n n Your Scoren n n n n n Major Depression:n n n n Moderaten n n n n n Dysthymia:n n n n Moderaten n n n n n Bipolar Disorder:n […]

Just A Thought

Well, I am trying to think of a topic which might interest people, but I couldn’t come up with one. Anyway, there’s a lot going on in my mind at once. Yesterday and the days before that, I couldn’t write a single journal. I so busied myself with other stuff that I have almost forsaken […]

Paris Hilton is Not “Desirable”

From a 2006 list of’s Top 99 Desirable Women, it so happens that Paris Hilton is not included. nn Well, I have nothing against her, but it made me wonder why Paris is so “ nn searchable” at Google and “not desirable” in’s list. And the list was supposed to include Lindsay Lohan, […]

Movies and My New Header

I found a really nice header for my Tarski theme. I like it but that’s just cropped, you can see the whole picture here. I dunno why, but when I look at it, I feel warm although it’s all snow! nn n n nn n n nn Today, I watched the movie Catwoman on vcd. […]

Exposure and Transparency

Sometimes, one expects so much of the future. One would, of course, dream of what is best for oneself in a way that would also benefit others. In my quest for attaining immediate self-centered goals for myself, I have miserably realized I couldn’t just succeed or change in an instant. nn I thought including a […]

Symbianize – Exclusive Pinoy Chat and Mobile Forum

Filipino / Pinoy Mobile Phone and Computer Resource Forum. nn FREE applications, games, themes, graphics, e-books, tones, mp3, videos, tools, tutorials, tips, and support. All Filipinos are welcome to join. Discussions are not pure technical. Anything can be discuss, from deep, contemporary conversations to meaningless, shallow chit-chat. nn Visit:

Happy Birthday to Me

So, today is my birthday and I am shamelessly greeting myself in this shameless little post of mine. nn I’m happy to say I’ve reached my seventeenth year still as crazy-minded as I ought to be. I hope this will be a good day today. I thought it would be more interesting to post photos […]

Where Would You Like To Work? Apple, Microsoft or Google?

I have been thinking about how ‘fun’ it might be if someone secretly worked at the three companies I mentioned above at the same time. Then, I was also wondering how busy it would have been to work in a place where competition is most usually the number one inspiration. 😉 nn Really, as I […]

Our First YouTube Post

I took this video with my little sister. nn We’re talking about the lonelygirl15 series. We’re not really so hooked into that stuff. We just subscribed to check out what sort of ‘entertainment’ the LG15 guys are up to… and came up with a video response. I dunno. I think this is cool, but it […]