Thoughts and More Thoughts

Oh well. My conscience did bother me. Now, I am compelled to write another journal for my weblog although, at most occasions, I post just about anything that’s in my silly head. Y’see, it has been a long while since my last post. nn Anyway, I’ve been out accross the Internet hunting for domains and […]

Half Crazy, Half Bum

Look what I did while I was in an Internet café… And I’m only half proud of it because I know I could’ve done crazier than that. Hahah. 😀 Actually, this is part two of the Chocolates and Internet Cafés post I wrote at my BlogSpot blog (which I think I should import here but […]

Everything Somehow Suddenly Pauses

Is it just me or does the world really turn in slow-mo rotation in between Christmas and New Year? I have noticed bloggers, including myself, who have seemed to ‘hibernate’ from blogging at those days. It’s not that it’s such a bad thing; people are people and people have to rest (like the support guys […]