Today I Am Normal

Once upon a boring evening, this was what I thought of writing. I didn’t get to complete it and I doubt that I ever will. 😉 nn n I will not bury myself with work. I will not meet too many people. I will stay home and rest a little, blog a little. I will […]


300 hunks Spartan warriors have captured my attention at the movie house tonight. Yes. I watched the movie. It was so cool and hot at the same time. I love the 300 men movie! nn It is a story about Sparta, a city in Greece. As it is usually read in history, a comparison between […]


What is your blog supposedly about? nn That is, if you’re like me who goes beyond my own rules (which is silly, by the way, I create them and break them. No, it’s not silly- it’s fun!), you must have an original reason for blogging. nn So you might be wondering why my blog is […]


Not the singer. Pink, as in the color… of my blog. 😀 n