Just Some Notes

A couple of last minute notes to end April. It has been a good month. Actually, every month is a good month for me. 🙂 nn n And so it is that I will be attending the College of Nursing at XU. Of course, I dislike the course but I’ve talked about this over and […]

I Might Not Be A Loser After All

n I Might Not Be A Loser After All nn Elaine A. nn I would rather sing to my soul nn Of the tragedy nn That is me nn Than sing to the crowd nn And let them think nn I am who I want to be nn I would rather get up nn In […]

Epic Movie

Okay, remember my 300 post about hoping to see Epic Movie soon? I did! Weee, right? 😛 nn It was really cool and funny. They used lots of movies and celebrity personalities so maybe that’s why I heard it had some bad criticism- but I thought it was freaky! 😀 Oh well, I didn’t know […]


n Empty nn by Elaine A. nn I have written songs nn Of love, of life and of me nn I have climbed a hill nn To see where I want to be nn I have crossed a river nn And felt the water brush my feet nn I have seen the place nn Where […]


n Scrutinize nn by Elaine A. nn So deeply wounded nn In a world of skin nn When what matters most nn Is not from within nn It’s always the question nn Of what you see nn If they please not your eyes nn You just let them be nn It was never a question […]

Holy Week

I don’t understand why most Filipinos/ Filipino families like to go home to their respective provinces during Holy Week. It makes the bus stations almost chaotic and they have to wait hours just to take that long ride home. Is it tradition? Maybe they just miss home? But the most probable reason might be that […]

Google Fooled Me

Yes, I fell for the “FREE breakthrough broadband” service, the all-new, Google TiSP. nn It was a totally good start to April. I’m loving Google more for that. I believed it until the toilet and DNS part. Really funny, big G, really funny. 😀