The Nursing Side

Nursing is both a science and an art. Science- there’s no doubt about that. But art? I had to rethink. How can Nursing be an art? How can cleaning after human excretions be an art? nn “If you become a nurse, you wouldn’t mind the work if you knew how much it pays” or “It’s […]

Browsing Blogs

As I stare all glittery-eyed at another blogger’s site, I come to think of how much they’ve progressed with their blogs and of how much they’ve made better use of their talents. nn Then I go back to my own thoughts with a silent sigh of gladness for these people. I’m happy for their achievements. […]

Preliminary Exams After-shock

Finally, our preliminary exam in Health Care- Related Learning Experience (RLE) is finally done! Wee! nn nn I am quite hesitant to write again in my blog. I’ve made it a point before not to write in my blog again unless I’ve got a picture to post. But I haven’t got a good camera to […]