The Most Uneventful Fiesta Ever

If there were awards for the Most Uneventful Events in this country, topping that list would be the City Fiesta of Cagayan de Oro. Don’t get this the wrong way, the city event coordinators (or however they’re called these days) have a LOT of activities planned up for this year. But it’s just not enough […]

Sad Smiley is an Irony

I’m not even happy enough to post any pic of myself. It’s depressing. I’m not even sure if being happy is the opposite of being sad anymore. I think it isn’t. I’ll just have to figure that out some other time. Right now, it’s too tiring to think of anything else. nn nn If I’m […]

When Dark Plans Go Awry

I’m so frustrated. I’m so agitated. And I’m so wild with stress, if there ever is such a state. nn nn Remember, oh valued reader, that I vowed in my twitter page for revenge? Well, look how it turned out (see above pic). nn Above this post, ladies and gentlemen, is a very much concrete […]

Last Summer

The guy beside me is crazy. You should’ve known! Bwahahaahah. nn nn Anyway, last summer some family friends invited me to go swimming at some cold spring. It was pretty… cold. nn So, without further ado, I think I’m gonna post pics from my wet moments at Jasaan. Thank you to Kahulugan for making me […]

My Ultra Short Hair

At times when I start to regret cutting my hair, I stop myself and say it’s cool because I get to see myself a Yahoo! Messenger Icon everyday when I wake up. Because I think that’s how I look like. nn nn Anyway, I haven’t blogged for some time. So let me tell you a […]