The Job of a Writer

…is to write with an art that you should never completely understand. Because if you see everything so clearly, there wouldn’t be any space left for exploring. And exploring is always a beautiful thing. 🙂 nn A writer can be so many persons in one. A poet. A novelist. A singer. Or a singer’s fan. […]


Well, you can’t say I’ve been awfully bad- nor good- this year. Crazy things happen and you don’t really know how to control stuff ALL the time. That would be crazier. nn Yes, friends, I feel like I’ve gotten all boring on the Internets. It’s like, two years ago, I’ve been this and that and […]


The night is a poem nn Of mystery nn And Pain nn And life becomes a story nn Of what you lose nn And gain nn At times you fail to comprehend nn Why you said, “No” nn When you meant “yes” nn You cannot do anything nn But do nn What your heart says […]

4 Things

Friendster has changed a lot since I’ve been gone. Seems like he’s moved on and forgotten all about boring themes and static pages. He better be good to everyone. nn People, I have A LOT to say… if I could just remember all of them. Ok. I’ll start. nn # 1 What Happens In Davao… […]