Same Sex Marriage and Society From The Millenial’s Point of View

What makes the issue of same sex marriage so controversial? A lot of people become confused on the implications of this to society, including me. I used to think that marriage was sacred and that no man shall part what God has united. I used to think that, for a true marital union to take […]

This Is Not A Poem

Unspired. Unmotivated. Spiritless. Passionless. nn Wait a minute. nn I need some coffee.  nn (Featured photo by Andrew Phillips) n

How To Start A Blog (When You’ve Already Started Before)

Well you start by starting. nn It’s been a while and I feel like a blogging nomad for starting at blogging ALL the time. I started since back in 2006 but then I got inactive pretty much after boyfriends and college started. I did continue blogging for some time but I wasn’t at all committed. Commitment […]