When You Run Out Of Coffee

First of all, I would like to apologize to myself for betraying myself. nn Not only did I initially oppose impulsive actions, I actually wrote an entire blog post about it. nn Life is so ironic. nn Second, what happened to the coffee? Yes, I was the previous– albeit, brief– owner of PerhapsCoffee.wordpress.com and yes […]

Heartfelt Thoughts Of A Wandering Mind

He couldn’t do anything else. nn He just sat there seemingly frustrated by the vision before him: a sad, reckless girl with a messed mind and possibly perhaps a broken spirit. nn I couldn’t do anything much neither. I was supposed to get up and face the day but my mind… was taking me to […]

Why I Need To Stop Changing Usernames Impulsively

Because the Internets cannot keep up with my awesomeness… That’s why. nn Seriously though. I’m changing – or at least thinking about changing – my social media usernames almost every month. It gets quite ridiculous because it shows a few things about me:  nn n I have identity crisis issues (shocking). n I am a […]