Link Loves

It is now past midnight in Dubai as I am writing this and I don’t really plan on staying up too long as I still have work tomorrow. So for the Day Ten Challenge (Build A Better Blogroll), I think it will suffice to say that I always keep my link loves on the sidebar for all […]

Day Nine: Happy Travels

In choosing which comments from the previous task I was going to use for this post, I didn’t have to think much. Yes, the field of beauty and fashion means a lot to me and is important, for me, on several levels. But the post that hit the bullseye for me was the one by […]

Short and Sweet for Day Eight

Mixed emotions. A tinge of annoyance, a dash of frustration, a trickle of excitement, a shimmer of guilt, and a handful of hope. These are all welled up in the cooking pot that is my emotions. But, as I’ve learned, we should never let our emotions control us; it has to be the other way […]

A Choice of Perspectives

Lately, I have been battling over not being too bothered by my acne. It’s so horrible for me to post nice, flawless faces of myself when, in reality, my face is covered with pimples. I’ve had pimples for more than a year now. You could say it wasn’t so serious then. But now, it’s gotten […]

How To Be Irresistible

Actually, that was more of a question rather than a statement. How does one become irresistible? nn If I were to follow Dale Carnegie from his book How To Win Friends and Influence People, I would point out a couple of answers for this question. But being irresistible is just too specific. What can one […]

The Liebster Blog Nomination

I can only sum up how I feel upon receiving this nomination into one word: grateful. Thank you, The College Blogger, for choosing to nominate me! You’re awesome and you know it. 😉 nn n What is the Liebster Blog Award? nn It is basically a way for new bloggers to receive recognition by creating […]

Love Where You Are

Changed my blog theme for Day Five task and also because I like this one better. I was thinking about Lovecraft since a few days back but I just recently discovered that Independent Publisher looks great too. Not too sure about my themes at the moment as this decision may be caused by my dazed […]

Bitter-Sweet Freedom

I’m not sure if you’re watching, if you’re even reading this. But this one’s for you… nn Technically, you’ve never done anything to hurt me. Inevitably, you still can. You belong to the past, an entity I will never be able to change, a fact I will always have to face. nn I am Bitter. […]

Hello, Neighbors!

n “Blogging is a communal experience; if you didn’t want anyone to read your posts, you’d keep a private diary.” – Blogging 101, n nn I did accomplish the Day Three task yesterday and am so darn glad I did! While writing helps to express yourself, reading allows you to discover stories similar to […]