Monster Masquerade: Wrapped in Wrath

n The snoring sound nn Was crystal clear nn No one but she nn Could clearly hear nn The sound of her lover nn Close by nn The lover who promised her nn A lie nn While he was sober nn He said, “There’s no one but you nn That’s in my head” nn She believed nn […]

Day of the Bards: On Mended Wings

Granted, my post is a little late for my Friday Poetry sessions. But then, in some parts of the world, it is still Friday (very clever, right? Hahah.) So we shall proceed. nn This week’s poem features a Haiku by one of my recently followed blogs, Poet Rummager. nn Haikus have always been interesting: they’re brief and […]

Just Posting

Drunken post. Sorry, not sorry. Halloween. So much to do. But do I REALLY have to do it all? Oh my gosh. I’m not that drunk. I actually want more! Lol. nn Happy Halloween, loves! Wooh-hooh! n

November Projects

As per my “editorial” calendar, I should have posted something yesterday and today. But life gets in the way several times more than expected. So, I just got back now. Not really in full blast writing/ blogging mode, but at least I got myself around to it. nn For today, I choose positivity and thus […]

Web Hosting Frustrations Series: GoDaddy

What’s good, GoDaddy? Why you having downtime on me when I just started buying web hosting for my websites, you know? nn I mean, the speed is all good and cool at the start. But one day, I tried visiting and re-visiting my site and installing and re-installing WordPress, and suddenly I can’t connect to […]

Blogging 101 Wrap Up

Can I buy you a drink? ‘Cause I finally finished Blogging 101! 😀 nn Sarcastic talk aside, I really am glad to be at the finish line with the Blogging 101 Challenges. Even though it was meant to be only for the month of August, when the month was over, I almost believed I would […]

Day of the Bards: Bitter

Every Friday, I’m going to post a poem that resonates with me from one of my fellow bloggers or from other sources. Actually, this poem has been long due and I just got around to making a post about it now that the timing is right. nn Bitter struck me (hard) when I read it. It’s […]

Day Fourteen: Extend Your… What?

It did say “Extend Your Brand” but, the thing is, I am not a brand. I am a person and I just wanna write. So… I don’t think I’m good for anything much on this challenge. The best I can do about extending my “brand” is to use a photo of myself… And why not? […]

Manic Music Mondays

I tweaked the title a little bit from the original Weekly Blogging Challenge by Kat entitled, “Music Mondays.” nn Music serves many purposes for all of us. It can relax. It can relieve. It can trick us into making involuntary dance moves. It can bring us to tears or it can empower us to action. nn […]