Writing Something Meaningful Everyday

In our quest top perfect our skill as writers, we sometimes succumb to writing even the most mundane of topics just to get through the “write everyday” routine. It is helpful to write whatever you want, no matter its depth in the context of your own interests. But it’s much more personally rewarding to write […]

Just Think About It

Sometimes, I wonder if by any chance I might really have a shot at normalcy. You know: showing up to work at the same time everyday. Establishing a routine that everybody approves of. Doing stuff that will make people proud. nn More often, I do the opposite and it bugs me a lot because I do […]

You Are Doing The Best You Can

We often fool ourselves into thinking we have to be everything at once in order to be a success at anything. I think the truth is we only have to be ourselves. Sometimes being ourselves means that we move a little bit slower than everyone else and that’s okay. Other times being ourselves means that […]

The Comprehensive(ish) Guide To Setting Up Websites

The first thing you want to ask when you’re trying to setup a website is: why are you doing this? nn Really, in everything you do in life, there has to be some sense of purpose, right? nn Setting up websites is no exception. You don’t want to go wasting your time just because you […]

How I Completely Lost Track of Time

I challenged myself to post once a day every day for the month of May. My total posts goal was 31 and I managed 8 out of my intended 31 posts. I did it only for a week. nn Surely, I had reasons. Surely, it was coincidence that I stopped posting on May 8, on a […]

To Become A Mother

Today, I read Alexandra Franzen’s letter to her mom. It didn’t take me long to realize that I felt the same way with my own mother. Despite all her flaws, my mother was ultimately, simply being herself. nn I can’t ask from other people more than what they can give. nn Often, I do feel […]

What Not To Do When You’re Trying To Set Up A Creative Business Online

In creative business, you can either think of a solution to a market problem or die trying. (Yes, go hard or go home, Gary Vaynerchuk style.) nn First of all, it’s confusing how we can huddle our creativity around making it profitable. It just doesn’t feel right. The terms ‘creative’ and ‘business’ just don’t go […]

The Truth About Labels

It may seem quite vain but, every time I re-read one of my writings, I get inspired to write/ work again. Allow me to come a little self-centered/ boastful here, but did you ever get that feeling when you feel so awesome that the world can’t possibly stop you from being that way? When you’re […]

The Sum of Our Parts

A movie is playing in the background. It reminds me of why I seriously need a close friend I see everyday right now. Especially someone that supports my creative goals. nn The movie’s title is Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss-List. I know, it’s not Steven Spielberg blockbuster material. It’s kind of teeny-bopper. But it’s very […]