Day 9: To SkillShare and why I’m NOT coming back

Just a short note about SkillShare (with a hint of bitterness). I used to join their teaching program because–you guessed it–I needed the money and didn’t mind sharing about things I know through video lessons. For a moment it was fun, but then after perhaps a month of being active, I was bummed. I’m not […]

Day 8: On stalking people online

nn So I sit on this chair, laptop on my lap (duh?), a few people around me watching TV, hooking my ears on headphones, and trying to concentrate on what I’m going to write for Day 8. I take a moment to ponder whether to talk about cyberstalking or not. It’s such a sensitive topic in […]

Day 7: Spontaneous adventures

nn When my partner and I went out for a day by the pool/ beach, I brought my laptop with me (working even on vacation mode for the shame of it). And as I started writing for this blog and working freelance for some other writeups, I realized that was not the point of being […]

Day 6: A day for rest

nn Let’s try a game of “Have you’s” right now. Have you ever noticed how an entire day of rest can be so beneficial for your whole week? Have you ever stopped to think that life could be so much better when you’re outside under the sun, letting the daylight sink in? And have you ever […]

Day 5: Trying new things in the morning

nn Mornings used to be my hardest part of the day. I would wake up and feel a cloud glooming over me. It was as if the immediate feeling of emptiness was all over the day even before it started. It’s a pretty _heavy_ way to spend your morning. But I realized I had to change. One morning, I […]

Day 4: Capitalizing on inspiration

nn They say a business needs capital in order to operate. Some argue that you don’t need capital to start a business. But I disagree. Your capital doesn’t necessarily refer to your financial capability. It could be yourself, your time and energy. It could be others–your social connections. And it could be people you don’t even know–people […]

Day 3: It looks like failure but it’s not

nn When you look at your life, and when you reflect on the things that happened today, it can sometimes feel like you’ve failed one way or the other. But you haven’t. Some things are meant (or not meant) to happen. And that’s okay. nn You know why? Because, in order to learn, we need […]

Day 2: Be intentional

nn But let’s face it, you don’t wake up everyday feeling intentional at all. There are always reasons for not feeling good once you wake up from a good night’s sleep like waking up from that good night’s sleep, for example. Sometimes, sleep is life. 😉 nn Ongoing Activities nn Right now, freelance writing is what […]

Day 1: Reminisce

nn Ever since I came back home, there has always been time for reminiscing. Tropical weather does that to you a lot. It’s like you never run out of thoughts to think and imaginations to imagine. nn The Point nn The point of this blog post is for me to be able to write more and regularly. […]