Day 21: Don’t forget intention

nn It’s hard to write everyday. The number one challenge of writing is almost always this: What in the world am I going to write? And I guess the answer has been within the question all along. The world. There’s so many things happening within this world and the beauty of describing these things through […]

Day 20: On focus and purpose

nn You determine where your focus lies everyday. Before this post, I used to have a list of “Writing Ideas” that would take care of my daily blogs for at least 2 weeks in advance. But then I stopped on my tracks yesterday. I knew I wanted to write but I was not sold on […]

Day 19: Full pockets and empty smiles

nn Full pockets. Less stress. It’s not because I love money—I find it important but I don’t love it. I love my family and my partner. I would go through anything to keep them happy, safe, healthy, and well-provided. For as long as I can remember, my family has almost always faced financial difficulty. It’s […]

Day 18: The costs of being employed

nn Employment is a way to make money. And while I respect that, I also think and believe that it is one way to make money. Other ways roughly include people—artists and creatives—who use their talents to fulfill their daily needs. I don’t think there’s any shame in employment as much as there is no […]

Day 17: One-day PRC Nursing license processing

nn This post is for Nursing professionals looking to apply for their license and get an ID from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in the Philippines. For more information on applying for initial registration, visit the PRC website here. You may also download the steps and forms required by the PRC here. This post applies […]

Day 16: The masterlist

nn Picture this. You + living your ideal day. Now another scenario. You + believing you already have all it takes to live such an ideal day. Isn’t that amazing? Or even remotely exhilarating? And the truth is, whatever or however you picture out your ideal day to be—as long as it’s within the limits […]

Day 15: The birthday

nn Last December 13, 2016 marked my 27th year on earth. I couldn’t help but think about all the things I’ve been through as a person that has only sadly done one thing: bring me down. That’s the thing about thinking too much about the past: you stay in the past and it weighs you […]