Day 27: Make space for everything you are

nn Acceptance can be difficult for a lot of people. Change, even more so. At some point, we will find that there are parts of ourselves that we’re not willing to let go. Probably because we’ve become so accustomed to that identity that we sometimes fail to see that we can do and even deserve […]

Day 26: Writing is about words

nn There’s a really good saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If so, how many words does a selfie make? I’m just kidding. I didn’t really mean to talk about selfies today. I meant to talk about using pictures to accompany blog posts or write-ups. If you’re all about the writing, are […]

Day 25: Auto-schedule HTMLy blog posts

Auto-scheduling posts is awesome. This means you can batch tasks for your blog according to specific days (i.e. outlining on Monday, writing on Tuesday, etc.) and then let the platform publish the posts automatically. It also means you won’t have to click publish each time you want to post that blog entry. Unfortunately, HTMLy doesn’t […]

Day 24: Websites are always a work in progress

nn My next big quest is setting up a minimal, user-friendly website. It’s not so much a goal as it is an ongoing process. Endless tweaking, coding, and designing. It’s never completely done. But that’s fine because everything else in this world is a process anyway. Speaking of websites, I’d like to talk about the […]

Day 23: Write your heart out

nn Structures don’t usually work with me. I’ll play with a particular system for a few days and then, after a couple more days, I’d be going after another style of doing things. I’ve just realized this recently. Another thing I’ve realized? Writing consistently for 365 days is hard. Harder than most would realize. There […]

Day 22: January report

nn It’s officially the start of February 2017. One of the immense benefits of writing is its capability to record thoughts and feelings that you can go back to at any time you’d like in the future. It’s convenient because you get to track your progress (or lack thereof). Then you are able to evaluate […]