Day 41: 4 things to remember when creating everyday

nn Writing everyday is fascinating. nn So is looking for things to write about on a daily basis. nn But how do you figure out what content to write on your blog? And how can you sustain your writing when doing so everyday can become repetitive? nn This is the part when I remind myself […]

Day 40: 3 ways to take care of your WordPress blog

nn My post on Day 34 is now gone. nn I can’t recover it. I can’t even remember (all) the words I put in there anymore. nn And if I were my old self, I would complain and pine over a missing blog post. I would explain in intricate and overly dramatic detail how life […]

Day 39: The awkwarness of fiction writing

Do you know Nora Roberts? nn I’ve read some books by her and I’ve liked them all. A quick search and you’ll find that she’s a romance novelist. And she’s very good at it. nn If you were Nora Roberts and people have read your work and they’ve read about the sex scenes and what-nots, […]

Day 38: Resting is hard when we love our work

Can you relate to the title? nn I sure can. nn And while it’s not healthy to keep on working without resting, it also feels so damn good to be able to work on the things we love. nn And I mean really love, to the point that you burn yourself out. nn Working to meet other […]

Day 37: Customize your WordPress website with CSS

nn I know what you’re thinking. (Groan) I hate technical stuff! nn And I get it. Creative people tend to focus more on the work they do best, like writing, painting, or creating art. nn Especially when you have website builders already in place, all you need to do is select which looks fit you best. So what’s the fuss about technicality […]

Day 36: What it feels like to create everyday

nn Can we talk about moments when we just feel out of ourselves? nn When the energy that so many people try to project–especially online–is upbeat, optimistic, and enthusiastic, where do we stand when we feel otherwise? nn What do we do when almost everything goes down into that little hellhole we fondly call insecurity? […]

Day 35: 4 ways to speed up your WordPress website

nn You know how they say today’s generation has an ”Oh, hey, squirrel!” attention span? nn People tend to cater to distractions more often than not these days. And I guess it’s a natural reaction to the current technologies that we have at our disposal. nn From a website perspective, though, this isn’t a good sign. […]

Day 34: Your website as a platform for creative activities

As a fun way to learn more about business websites, I’ve signed myself up for The Daily Post’s Build a Business Website course. nn And on Day 1, we were tasked to Define Our Site. nn It said something along the lines of, “I want my website to…” My answer? Be a… nn   nn nn […]

Day 33: Art and creativity never age

When you’re a kid, the world is your playground. nn Your curiosity comes only a close second to your sense of fearlessness. nn And it’s this kind of curiosity and guts that enable kids to create more and experience more.  nn I was the kid who loved writing letters and handing them over to people on special occassions. […]