Day 46: Good followers can be good leaders

Sometimes, I tend towards the superficial side and follow influencers based on their visual branding. Seriously, good visuals stand out. Period. nn Content is a different story, though. But the more I’ve discovered interesting people and brands online, the more I noticed how the most cohesive visual brands often come together with great content. (Although, […]

Day 45: When searching for content inspiration

Some days you’re simply browsing, looking for inspiration to write about. Other days, it just comes naturally to you from the people you’re already subscribed from. Those are my kind of days. nn I love reading how people are doing and going with their own journeys, their notions of success, their perspectives of life in […]

Day 44: How to minimize WordPress plugins

Did you know about shortcodes? nn When people are faced with a WordPress dilemma, the first instinct is to search for a plugin that can deal. But as we’ve discussed before, too many plugins can affect the quality, delivery, and speed of your website. Enter, shortcodes. nn WordPress(.com) shortcodes are a great way to minimize the number […]

Day 43: I mustn’t let my anger control me

Like any other emotion, anger is a feeling. It’s a feeling that, when left on its own, can destroy even the closest of relationships. nn And I must not let it win. nn This morning, for some reason, our dogs kept barking while I was writing this post. They were so noisy and it got […]

Day 42: May report

May has been a month of breakthroughs for me. nn Because my word for the year is “productive,” I became even more motivated to write and to turn lazy days into something more meaningful. nn How it took me until May to start writing consistently, though, I have no idea. nn Perhaps one of the […]