Day 55: Letting go of perfection

There are times when winning is not possible. Not yet. Or not today. Or not after a few months of practice. And that’s okay. nn There will be times when you finally need to let go of perfection because it’s wearing you out. You stress about the little things and the weak spots. You try […]

Day 53: 3 ways to make your own impact as a blogger

One question. What do I write when everything else has already been written? nn I see this inquiry pop up here and there on blogs and the number one response I often find is to “write still because not everyone shares similar opinions and methods for writing.” Pretty solid answer. But if you really want […]

Day 52: The purpose for all creative work

Every time I open a new note to write my draft for a blog entry, I have to ask myself of my purpose. I’m not asking so much from my creativity like I used to. I used to want to achieve a particular quantity of followings. I wanted to be #famous. I wanted my writing […]

Day 51: 5 things to inspire you to write

Inspiration. It can either be a very nasty, fleeting agenda or it could be the best to ever happen to writers. For the record, a good writer shouldn’t depend solely on inspiration. However, there are some days when discipline just ain’t enough. Discovering ways to trigger that inspiring moment could just be the one thing […]

Day 50: Create even when it hurts

Familiar with masochism? It’s when people love inflicting pain on themselves. In some ways, writers have to adhere to some form of masochism in order to deliver. Writing is very intricate work. It requires patience and relentlessness unlike any 9-5 job. With writing (especially freelance), you have time in your hands but you have to […]

Day 49: Don’t just settle for the job that pays the bills

Society can probably safely be divided into two parties: those who think freelance life is boring and those who think freelancing is the best kept secret ever. I stick to the latter not just because I am a freelancer but because I’ve spent years NOT being a freelancer and it wasn’t the best use of […]

Day 48: A quarter of a year

I don’t think I’ve ever been as ashamed of myself as I am now. I keep jumping from career field to career field, that’s a given. You could call me a flake, a quitter, an irresponsible non-professional despite my claims. And I would tell you they are all true. nn The problem is: I keep […]