Generally happy

I’m not saying I’m unhappy. I’m generally happy because I have my child and I’m grateful for the chance to take good care of her. All I’m saying is, I’m frustrated and sad and anxious… and a little bit hurt… and a little but angry. I know life isn’t supposed to be fair. And, in […]


Just had my first cup of coffee since forever today! I can’t even remember the last time I drank coffee. Probably before I knew I was pregnant. So that’s about a year now. 😳 Coffee was good. ☕️ n


So, I’m sending tweets from my blog. This is gonna be fun. 😁 n


Successfully changed email providers this evening. I feel much more at peace knowing my email is private and secure. I’m now using both Protonmail and Tutanota. So far, so good. 👌🏽 n

She’s fussy

She is so fussy 😩 today and will not let me put her down. She doesn’t even want me to sit down. She just wants to be held upright while I’m standing up! nn And when she sleeps… she’s up 5 minutes later minimum and 1 hour max! nn Shoot me with a water gun. […]

Tired af

Too tired to stick to a/the routine… #worstmomever ☹️ n


n ‘Even more than it is in the advertising business, Facebook is in the surveillance business.’ It is designed to watch our every move, our every like and dislike, and sell those findings to the highest bidder. nn For the majority of the 2.1 billion users of Facebook up until now, that has seemed like […]

Doing the work

Yesterday, I realized what Gary Vaynerchuk meant about doing the work. Raising a newborn baby does take a lot of work and patience. But I’m putting in all this effort because (a) I love my daughter so much and (b) I desperately want her to grow up healthy and strong. 💪🏽 n

Smiles and all

Woke up around 8am today. Actually, my daughter woke me up with smiles and all. My heart melted quite a bit there. This is, I think, the third day that I’ve been trying to wake up earlier so I can play with this little one because she’s so active and smile-y in the AM. nn […]