Time for SOLA

Is it time for SOLA? Otherwise known as State of Our Love Affairs. XD nn It would be ideal to regularly check in with your partner about your shared goals and current needs. 🙂 n

Not having it

Feel like not having any of it today. But I must get up not because I “have” to but because I “get” to do what I do every single day. 🙂 n

Keeping habits

Trying to think of a sustainable way to keep habits for those of us with Rebel tendencies (Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies). 🤔 n

Lessons on cramming

I was supposed to make a blog post about making reading a habit again. But I thought, what for? What are people going to learn or be inspired about if I discuss making reading print books  a habit again? nn n nn This was supposed to be the image for the “making reading a habit […]

I Don’t Have the Heart to Chain People Down

No matter how hard I try. I just can’t bring myself to chain people down. nn What am I talking about? nn Picture this: one night, my partner and I are chilling at home. The baby is sleeping, finally. Then, all of a sudden, there’s a phone call. It’s from his workmate. It’s his workmate’s […]

This is the real me

nn In all fairness, I wanted to do my makeup for this day. However, between breastfeeding and having minimal sleep, I thought to myself, whatever. nn It’s not like the day will not happen if I didn’t wear makeup anyway. I would certainly look more alive with an eyeliner probably. But the question is: will […]