Stopping at CSS Colors

Wow. I never knew how much web design bored me until I got to the topic of CSS colors. 😵 So I guess I’ll stop there for now. Currently learning Applied Visual Design. It’s interesting but I figured, in comparison to learning about programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, and Nodejs, I am much more of […]

Relearning all the basics

This marks the start of hours and hours of relearning the basics of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript and then going further towards backend web development. I’m excited. I haven’t worked in depth in web development for a very long time and this just feels like a potentially great adventure for me. As for now, my […]

Bash Scripting for Hugo

I’ve written before about coding a bash script for Hugo to create filenames according to date. Well, I’ve finally published it but–alas–it is now irrelevant. Irrelevant because I learned that you can simply use Hugo’s Archetypes and slug parameters to define defaults for a new post. There are also Hugo Functions to sort and display […]