Being a minimalist when you never had much to start with

Minimalism has become quite the trend. Around social media, in particular, you see desks that have close to nothing on them. People are now wearing clothes that have simpler designs or aren’t too loud. However, I think minimalism isn’t just a trend. It has existed for a long time, probably way before this decade. It […]

Vlog Episode 3: The issues of hiding pain

Hi, friend! For today, we’re going to talk about the issues of hiding pain. Think, vulnerability, displaying emotions, verbalizing pain. The works. I hope you find this episode useful.

Ep3: The issues of hiding pain

For today, we’re talking about the issues of hiding pain. We all experience pain but there are various ways in which we show or talk about them. In this episode, I talk about vulnerability, showing emotions, and verbalizing pain. Let me know… Do you usually hide your feelings when you’re in pain? Why do you […]

The issues of hiding pain

Pain is subjective. Nurses assess pain in two ways: objective and subjective. And it’s all well and fine if the patient’s facial grimace shows visibly and obviously but how about otherwise? The issue of vulnerability Even though I haven’t read any of Brene Brown’s work yet (they’re still in my To Read list), I’ve known […]

Ep2: What I learned from being chronically late

For today’s podcast, we’ll be talking about some of the lessons I learned from being chronically late. Let me know… Are you an early bird or late-comer? What bothers you about being late?

What I learned from being chronically late

My adolescence was rough to say the least. Just before high school, my parents broke up. Our dad left. My mom was and still is a single mother who has supported us for most of our lives since then. It wasn’t the best time to be going through puberty. As for my siblings, not the […]

Ep1: Creating Beautiful Things and Memories

Actually, this episode is simply an audio narration of this blog post. But I wanted to celebrate this very small win. I’ve worked hard with the time I had to put together these podcast episodes in case you’d like to listen to my blog wherever you are. 🙂 I hope you like it. And as […]