Vlog Episode 7: The Habit of Meditation and Deep Breathing

Hi, hello there! So in this video we talk about meditation and/ or deep breathing during stressful situations. I know meditation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I really do believe that even just breathing deeply to just BE in the present situation that you’re in is CRUCIAL. It actually grounds you to what’s currently […]

Ep7: The Habit of Meditation and Deep Breathing for Rebel Tendencies

Meditation is kind of a make-or-break situation. Some people love it. Some people don’t. And that’s okay. What’s important is that we stay in the present so we can be mindful of the people and things around us. The key is to be able to appreciate what we have right now. I talk more about […]

The habit of meditation and deep breathing for Rebel Tendencies

Meditation is my personal stress-buster. I’m not just saying this because research also proves it but because I’ve learned this from experience. When I’m stressed and I’m able to meditate, I immediately feel the benefits. Now I know how Rebel Tendencies find it challenging to start new habits because how can you start a habit when no […]

Vlog Episode 6: Keeping Content Flowing on a Busy Schedule

How hard is it to create content/ continue to work while juggling life responsibilities? Very. And in this video, I will be sharing with you my tips on keeping content flowing even through a busy schedule. I hope you enjoy and find this vid useful! 🙂 Thanks for watching!

Ep6: Keeping Content Flowing on a Busy Schedule

Well, hello there! Today we have an audio version of my blog post last Monday regarding content creation during a particularly busy schedule. I believe our energies come in seasons and it’s important to honor the season you’re in. In this podcast, I talk to you about strategies and tactics that have helped me create […]

Keeping content flowing on a busy schedule

Most, if not all, moms lead busy lives. I didn’t realize this at first when I decided to get pregnant. I thought I could just wing it when it’s there. So when I had my first baby, I told myself, I did not think this through at all. Of course, I don’t regret being a mother. […]

Vlog Episode 5: Setting Your Own Boundaries

In this video, I talk about setting boundaries when you have a Rebel Tendency. When I say boundaries, I mean on things like mornings and sleep, exercise, values, etc. I hope you enjoy this vid and find it valuable! 🙂 Thanks for watching!