Ep25: Multipassionate mindset in the middle of doing the work

Hey there! Surprise! I know I just published my latest episode yesterday, but I wanted to catch up with the vlog (link below) and talk about the 2nd part of our multipassionate mindset series on the podcast. Today’s episode is another audio version of my blog post (link below), which discusses more mindset tools you […]

[VLOG] Mindset tools for multipassionate creators in the middle of creative work

Hey beautiful! Welcome to another episode of the Multipassionate Mindset Series! Click here for PART 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POBJj7MJahk As we know, when we’re in the middle of doing our respective work, we can sometimes feel frustrated, bored, sad, unmotivated, etc. In this video, I help support you with these feelings as I introduce some tools I […]

Ep24: Multipassionate mindset on starting new projects

Hi! How’s your week so far? Today’s episode is an audio version of a blog post I wrote (link below) that talks about mindset tools you can use as you start and go through new projects. The tools mentioned include: setting an alarm for your strengths, manifestation and abundance, and feeling into your definition of […]

[VLOG] Day in the life of a content creator/ multipassionate/ mom

Hi beautiful! Today I take you with me throughout one of my random days in the life as a content creator/ multipassionate/ mom. I hope you enjoy these little clips and glimpses throughout our day. Do stay at home and keep safe during this pandemic. Also, in this vlog, I mentioned the weekly newsletter I […]

[VLOG] Mindset tips for multipassionate creators

SUBSCRIBE TO THE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: http://eepurl.com/g1uAz9 Hey there beautiful! Your girl’s back and with a new website to boot. Been working these past couple of weeks on how I could help encourage and support my fellow multipassionate creators in terms of their mindset, goal setting, productivity, and reflections. So I came up with new blog […]

Make better content

Every week, I reflect on the things I learned from the past week and jot down notes. As I continued to publish on my blog last week, I felt like I had to step back and check in with myself about the things I learned along the way. Ultimately, what you learn will make you […]

Recognizing Learning Moments and Moving Forward

Context. Feeling. Reflection. My high school teacher was sharing a particular process to us for writing our reflection papers. What did you learn? How do you feel about it? Why do you feel that way? These were the three processes that he told us to follow to write on our 1/4 sized sheets of paper. […]