Day in the life of a content creator/ multipassionate/ mom

Hi beautiful! Today I take you with me throughout one of my random days in the life as a content creator/ multipassionate/ mom. I hope you enjoy these little clips and glimpses throughout our day. Do stay at home and keep safe during this pandemic. Also, in this vlog, I mentioned the weekly newsletter I […]

Mindset tips for multipassionate creators

SUBSCRIBE TO THE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: Hey there beautiful! Your girl’s back and with a new website to boot. Been working these past couple of weeks on how I could help encourage and support my fellow multipassionate creators in terms of their mindset, goal setting, productivity, and reflections. So I came up with new blog […]

Make better content

Every week, I reflect on the things I learned from the past week and jot down notes. As I continued to publish on my blog last week, I felt like I had to step back and check in with myself about the things I learned along the way. Ultimately, what you learn will make you […]

Multi-passionate Reflection: Setting the Mood with Meditation (Part One)

Today has been one of those days. If the menstrual cycle were compared to the four seasons, I would definitely be in the Winter phase. I have just up and used most of my energy in summer and now my body is preparing for hibernation. And what a beautiful cycle this is! What a blessing […]

Multi-passionate Productivity: Aligned Action (Part One)

I sat by the balcony of our apartment this evening. My two-year-old little girl was by my side, murmuring incomprehensible words, while I daydreamed (or evening-dreamed?) of being in a photoshoot in that same balcony so I can display something fancier on my website. I’ve been putting off this “photoshoot” for so long and I’ve […]