A Week Without Social Media: Day 7

10:14 AM 10/31/2013 – Yesterday marked the last of my absence in the so-called “social media world.” It was actually an interesting experience trying to abstain from viewing my Facebook news feed or tweets. However, every time I decided “I do not need this,” it gives me more power over myself. A lot of people have quoted that we should be able to control life and not the other way around. I guess, through this challenge, I was able to learn that first-hand. Indeed, we are only able to control our reaction to situations, but we can never control the situation itself nor the people involved in it.

Funky self portrait

Amazingly, my week without social media became a sort of “escapade” from the pressures of society. It was the perfect time for me to rediscover myself– what I want (or dream of), what my plans are, and how I will be able to attain my goals. It’s very important to have a dream, or at least a goal. It will encourage you every day to do better and to avoid being stagnant.

Anyhow, these are some photos I took with my neighbor-slash-playmate last night:

Our cute neighbor and the landlord’s son. Lol.

Love and peace,


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