My journey towards creative resilience


I believe every person is creative.

You might have a different story and experience when it comes to how you came about being the creative that you are. Mine started with tech, particularly with making websites in high school. Since then, I have played with my creativity here and there, writing blog posts and making apps and messing around with website code. I didn’t stop trying my hand at creativity. I depend on it when I’m down. I turn to it when I’m happy. I write and make things happen.

What does it mean to be creatively resilient? This is my story of how I started with my creative journey.

I have loved tech and computers ever since I knew about them. But it was when I got exposed to website building in high school that turned out to be a very character-molding time for me and taught me what I know now. That early exposure has led me to create my own PHP blogging platform (much like WordPress), an early version JavaScript shop generator app, and also writing about all this (plus other things) on my blog since 2006.

I wasn’t really aware of it yet, but I was manifesting what I have now- a life of combining all my loves (writing, coding, self-development, etc.) in a beautiful concept called being multipassionate.

In 2015, I worked in Dubai.

I was in my mid-20s and feeling really dissatisfied with life in the cubicle.

After several failed attempts at wanting to love corporate life and simultaneously feeling depressed about being in a place where everything seemed artificial, I decided to go home. Home for me is the Philippines.

At home, I was free. I could be my creative self and, for a while, I worked in the field of research paper writing. Later on, I decided to give Nursing a chance and worked in the hospital, too.

Then I decided it was time to have a kid.

I know, right? Like having a kid was that easy (not).

That was the most underestimated decision I’ve ever made in my life yet. I always laugh to myself when I look back at 27-year-old me, naively wanting a child but never really knowing how much it took to raise one. I mean, it’s not like you can return the kid to sender when the specs aren’t what you expected. *lol*

During pregnancy and after giving birth, I felt called to create once again and so I decided to be three things: a web developer (coder), a yogi, and a writer (content creator).

In 2019, I re-discovered what it means to truly love what you do.

I started tweaking static site generators and re-learning the basics.

Then, in late 2019, I decided to start a podcast and a YouTube channel to go with my blog.

Today, I continue to create content and build apps that help others.

I also have recently delved into the art and science of intentionally manifesting, which has changed my life as I know it.

Everything is an experiment. With this mindset, I give myself permission to make mistakes and fail. I know that it takes more time to learn to be really good at my craft (or multiple crafts *wink*), but I am willing to put in the hours if not for the sheer love of what I currently do.

You never really waste your time if you spend it doing the things and being with the people you love the most.

Being creative takes more than a 30-day challenge or a year of posting on a blog or social media. It takes having to transform certain limiting beliefs into a mindset that enhances your habits and unique routines.

And even though it will take time, time is still your ally. Through time and investing in your own growth and personal development, you become better and improve moment by moment, month by month. And before you know it, you have ultimately change the trajectory of your life and manifest towards the direction of your deepest dreams and desires.

My Values

My Principles

Fun Facts

  • I am a Sagittarius
  • Astrology and manifestation is a thing in my world
  • I have an almost 2-year-old little one who keeps me on my toes and challenges me to level up my humanity game
  • I am an INFP, the 2nd rarest next to INFJ.
  • I love personality tests
  • I am learning about Manifestation and practicing it intentionally and I LOVE it
  • I like Instagram but I like my own website more. *hee hee*
  • I love dancing whenever, wherever.
  • I code in my spare time. I’m learning to become a full stack web developer.
  • I once joined a beauty pageant in my early 20s in my home city and placed 3rd runner up
  • I love weird but fun people. Quirks are also my thing.
  • I am fiery on the inside. Sometimes on the outside. Sometimes. But I’m quite the soft-spoken person in the group.
  • I have a Rebel Tendency (Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin), which means I am not motivated by anyone or myself. I tend to be inspired by things that are unconventional, unique, and excruciatingly convenient. *hahah*
  • I love creating fun facts about me and would love to know your fun facts too. Care to share? 🙂