Hi, I’m Elaine.

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Or you can also call me Ellie. 😊

I’m a blogger/ writer mainly for elaineaquino.com, where I share insights about creative website content creation, management, and optimization.

I help and guide online creative website and business owners who are looking for a more personality-driven website through content creation, management, and optimization.

I have a mailing list where I send my weekly emails on tips and strategies to make website content work for you.

I’m also a Registered Nurse in my home country, the Philippines.

The Story

My full name is Elaine Roselle Aquino. When I was younger, I accidentally burned the fuse of our family’s first ever notebook computer (it was a Brother)… but I never told anyone until years later. 😇

Ironically, it was around that time that I started to love computers.

I used computers to play games, to write, to format and reformat our hard drives. It became so easy for me to learn them that it was hard not to get infatuated.

Finally, in high school, I was introduced to the world wide web and I soon learned that you could create websites and web pages that anyone around the world could see! For free!

Oh, what a rush!

I started thinking about the things I’m gonna write about, the websites I’m gonna make, and the virtual worlds I’m going to create.

Then I finished high school and didn’t have enough funding to go to college so I skipped a year.

In that year, I was able to explore more about open source Unix operating systems, blogging, and web hosting than college dating, beer drinking, and sexuality (but more on that later).

And it was heaven!

Until such time that my mother decided that I should study Nursing. I didn’t have the balls back then to enroll myself to the course that I really wanted (i.e. Computer Science).

Sure enough, after my one-year hiatus, I started morphing into the Nursing student I initially didn’t want to be. I was learning all about human anatomy, physiology, nursing fundamentals and procedures, maternal and child care, and medical-surgical nursing. The works.

And sure enough, I spent less time on websites, computers, and writing to focus more on college and college dating, beer drinking, and sexuality.

But it was through studying Nursing that I found some of the best people I know now and I wouldn’t trade that for any other course.

Actually, I regret only a few things in my life. Actually, I can’t even remember what exactly my regrets are. That’s how much I appreciate what I have now. 😉

After college graduation, ironically, I also became a registered nurse—a profession I wouldn’t practice until years later when I’ve finally gone through all sorts of odd jobs to fill up my adventure book of life (which involved a 2-year working streak in Dubai).

And now I’m back to websites, computers, and writing.

And now it’s especially more confusing as to where I should begin because all these passions climaxed more than 10 years ago and it’s difficult to get back to that level without putting in the time as I did back then.

So I’m putting that time in.

I’m starting this website (for the millionth time nonetheless).

I’m writing and publishing.

And I’m going to keep pushing hard against life.

We can’t just let ourselves be downtrodden by our pasts just like that.

We’re more than our pasts simply because we now have the present!

Change doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. 😃

Fun Facts

  • I’m a Rebel (Four Tendencies) through and through
  • An INFP at heart
  • According to the stars, I’m a Sagittarius
  • I am currently an excited & proud mom-to-be