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Affirmations for Pain

Sat, May 1, 2021 | Read in 3 minutes

For when you’re in physical or emotional pain.

Inspired by my latest tooth pains.

I know it seems funny, but in the moment of pain, nothing is funny at all. Everything seems so serious and so painful and so irritating. Waking up to intense pain is even worse. Waking up itself is a transition, adding pain to that just makes the process seem even more unbearable.

So throughout the day, I feel what I need to feel and allow myself to heal. It is my hope that these affirmations serve you as you battle with your own pains physically or emotionally.

Let this be a reminder that nothing is permanent, not even your hurt.

And that you are so capable of healing and moving past this hurdle!

Why am I not well?

Is it because of my [insert what pains you]?

Or is my [insert what pains you] a symptom of a much deeper gnawing in my soul that is more painful?

Am I holding on to hurt? And if yes, why? And if no, what am I not letting go then?

My hurt is an indication of the things I value most and I get to release the things I value that actually don’t serve me at all.

I get to move past perfection and the feelings of anger and guilt.

I get to move past procrastination and actually focus on the people I can help instead of the people who have hurt and not helped me.

I calm my thoughts and I am serene.

I am a Divine expression of life. I love and accept myself where I am right now.

I am worthy. The more I value myself, the more I receive.

My work is of high value and high service and worthy of massive compensation.

My desires are manifesting from my ability to be in the vibration and frequency of love, gratitude, and abundance.

I am deeply loved and deeply supported by God and the Universe.

I am an energetic match for money and all my other desires.

I hold a safe space for myself and others to be, express, and feel.

I calm my thoughts and I am serene.

I let go of perfection.

I release my pain.

I am grateful for the people who hurt me. They have taught me about what I can and can’t control.

I am grateful for myself for continuing to work on myself to be better for myself and the Universe.

I celebrate myself and every part of who I am.

I celebrate that I have now [insert your latest, favorite achievement so far]!

I celebrate that I have achieved one of my biggest dreams and continue to do so in Divine Timing!

I celebrate life and love.

I release anger from my past and present.

I release impatience. It does not serve me. I calm my thoughts and I am serene. Being calm and serene serves me.

I release guilt. It does not serve me. I take responsibility for my own life and my own thoughts. I take charge of my own thoughts and feelings. Guilt is not something I vibe with.

I vibe with love, abundance, gratefulness.

I vibe with learning and personal development.

I vibe with content creation and finding my soul tribe.

I vibe with money because it helps me become more of who I already am. I am serene and I calm my thoughts. I am generous and hard working. I am intentional and flexible. I am fun and kind. I am truthful and free. I am creative and multi passionate. I am worthy because I am.