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3 reasons why I blog

Tue, Apr 17, 2018 | Read in 2 minutes

“Why do you blog?”

Excerpt From: The Editors, “365 Days of Writing Prompts.” iBooks.

I blog. And it it’s not just because blogging is a powerful marketing tool. Or because I’m into content strategy in order to gain more readers. But mostly because I think self-expression — in any shape or form — is wonderful.

Here are three reasons why I blog:

1 | Blogging is a challenge in consistency.

Being a rebel means not being interested in meeting inner and outer expectations. It’s a tough tendency to be in. But being a rebel shouldn’t be an excuse to throw out the topic of consistency once and for all. Rebels are all about identity, clarity, and originality/ authenticity. Hence, if we find ourselves feeling like we’re conforming to something by being consistent, we should think instead of the importance of consistency to some degree in our day-to-day activities. Life is a series of repetitions and routines. If something is important enough for us, then it is important enough to be done consistently albeit in our own authentic ways.

2 | Blogging creates communities.

That being said, consistent blogging does create communities. Blogging, when done with the intent to discuss topics that are truly meaningful for the author, can create a strong platform for other like-minded people to join in the conversation. Discovering that there are others whom you can resonate with is beautiful. It can spark friendships that you wouldn’t otherwise find if you weren’t talking about your thing in the first place.

3 | Blogging is self-expression.

Finally, blogging is a wonderful form expression. There is a kind of eloquence in terms of how you communicate when you start to blog consistently. Or even when you try to push any other form of content on a regular basis. You get to practice expressing yourself and even start knowing more about views you have that you never really thought of before.

With all the points mentioned above, I don’t think I have any other more significant reasons to explain why I blog. Primarily, I wrote on paper during my young and innocent days. I find blogging as an opportunity to continue to write and share my thoughts with other people. Blogging is wonderful in that it is a way of reaching out into the ether in the hopes of ultimately finding someone who can resonate and connect with the same things you care about.

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