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4 Things

Tue, Dec 8, 2009 | Read in 3 minutes

Friendster has changed a lot since I’ve been gone. Seems like he’s moved on and forgotten all about boring themes and static pages. He better be good to everyone.

People, I have A LOT to say… if I could just remember all of them. Ok. I’ll start.

# 1 What Happens In Davao…

…doesn’t always have to stay there. But most of the time it does. Hahah. Uhm. It was a really fun experience getting a fever of 39.8 degrees Celsius after the first day of duty and then vomiting afterwards. And it was oh-so-fun to spend sleepless nights writing and writing and writing requirements. And to add up to all this fun, we were given two hours to go out and play! TWO HOURS! Friends, this is very generous of them to actually give us two, long, fruitful hours to spend inside a mall where the only thing we could probably do is sniff mall air and then leave. Thank you so much.

Seriously, it was exhausting but fun. Not that fun. But the kind of fun you get when you’re in a new place and you meet new people. It was like everyday we learned something different, but then still similar to our own experiences. Uplifting. Enlightening. Endearing.

# 2 My Beloved Registrar

When we got back from Davao, we had to struggle and juggle our schedule between classes that started immediately and enrolling for the semester. Unfortunately, this didn’t go well for me. I lost the battle between the university registrar and me. And now I have to enroll to another school if I wanted to continue my course. Which is Nursing. Which I don’t like but I still have to take because I don’t like wasting two years of my time killing myself learning about something and not pursuing it until finally I graduate from it. Which will be something my family would be proud of. Which would be something I’ll be happy about because then it will break me from the bonds that keep me from pursuing what I really want to be… a prostitute. Ok. I’m kidding. Hahah.

# 3 The Break Up

I plan to write a book about break ups and talk about getting drunk all by yourself. Alone, just because you’re stupid and you want to remain that way for an average of 12 hours or less. Then you find out afterwards it wasn’t worth getting wasted for when you finally reach the peak of painful experience that is… a hangover.

# 4 Liceo de Cagayan University

Liceo is a school and a good friend of Cagayan de Oro River. It’s where I’m studying right now: at Cagayan de Oro River.