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A Week Without Social Media: Day 7

Wed, Oct 30, 2013 | Read in 1 minutes

10:14 AM 10/31/2013 – Yesterday marked the last of my absence in the so-called “social media world.” It was actually an interesting experience trying to abstain from viewing my Facebook news feed or tweets. However, every time I decided “I do not need this,” it gives me more power over myself. A lot of people have quoted that we should be able to control life and not the other way around. I guess, through this challenge, I was able to learn that first-hand. Indeed, we are only able to control our reaction to situations, but we can never control the situation itself nor the people involved in it.

Amazingly, my week without social media became a sort of “escapade” from the pressures of society. It was the perfect time for me to rediscover myself– what I want (or dream of), what my plans are, and how I will be able to attain my goals. It’s very important to have a dream, or at least a goal. It will encourage you every day to do better and to avoid being stagnant.

Anyhow, these are some photos I took with my neighbor-slash-playmate last night:

Love and peace,