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Art and commerce

Mon, Apr 30, 2018 | Read in 2 minutes

I don’t think people need to agree with an artist in order to appreciate (or buy) their art. Art can be criticized both objectively and subjectively. Buying and appreciating are two separate entities, however.

Most people appreciate something that is objectively beautiful — like art or commercial merchandise or human faces. But they don’t necessarily buy art or hire people based on what is objective. The act of buying has more of a psychological element in it such that it confirms subjective value for a particular product/ service.

For example, I would appreciate lots of good stuff when it comes to fashion and clothes but I don’t think I have to buy them. Buying something would require some type of justification for me that’s usually subjective. That is, would the thing I’m going to buy bring me value in exchange for my money?

Mostly though, I appreciate art. I don’t think I need to buy art pieces (like paintings) but I do believe that everything that was ever made has art in it. The clothes we wear, the shoes we walk in, the food that was prepared, the music that we listen to.

To subject art to a particular monetary value is commerce but to appreciate it is also an art itself.

Finally, I’ve reached the end of my Blogging Everyday in April journey! It has been such a learning experience and a beautiful way for me to create content out of nothing — out of random daily prompts about almost any topic at all!

This challenge has helped me learn to:

  1. Appreciate the value of content creation and content design
  2. Focus on the things that matter everyday
  3. Gain clarity with every blog post that was ever published; and
  4. Understand the importance of regularly and consistently working to live and not living to work

This May, I will be in labor anytime soon. Wish me luck! 😊 I won’t be continuing to post daily on the blog anymore but I will try to push advanced content and schedule them to be published throughout the month so that I can continue the momentum.

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