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Blogging 101 Wrap Up

Fri, Oct 23, 2015 | Read in 4 minutes

Can I buy you a drink? ‘Cause I finally finished Blogging 101! 😀

Sarcastic talk aside, I really am glad to be at the finish line with the Blogging 101 Challenges. Even though it was meant to be only for the month of August, when the month was over, I almost believed I would not finish it at all. Wrapping it up now means several things for me, i.e. the realization that I CAN still finish whatever I started if I really put my mind into it. As for this blog, I thought it would just be one of those endeavors I had in the past which never materialized into anything except that it helped me cope with a few things because I was able to express myself through writing.

Being in Dubai, I really believed my life was ending. The “happiness factor” just wasn’t there anymore. Let’s face it, I had and still am having trouble with getting myself together. In fairness, there were periods when I felt happy and hyper. But there were also times when I was just tired of the monotonous fate of things and that did not sit well with me nor my career… nor my relationships. It was just downright sad and I couldn’t even find a way out of it at the time. To be honest, I still haven’t found a way out of it and am still going through that phase now (although finding solace in the friendly way my fellow bloggers and I socialize is such a breather for sure). It’s quite difficult for me to find my own voice and my own words when everything people (at least those who surround me) ever say to me is to keep my shit together and work hard because that’s the only way life would get better.

Yes, well that’s true.

But, as far as I know, what matters is how I see the world, not what other people (no matter how much I love them) see the world for me.

They will never get to see things from my perspective and the same goes vice versa.

So, little by little, I try to come to terms with what I must do and what other people think I have to do.

There are several bad habits I would like to change about myself and, I guess, that is one of the reasons I began blogging/ writing again. It just feels right to write, no matter what anyone says about me or my life, or no matter what is happening in general to me. Besides, despite what everybody thinks of me or my work ethic or my personality, what’s the worst they could say that I would believe? Nothing. Because, after everything has been said and done, I know I’m not a bad person. I have habits that don’t go well with others, but I wasn’t born to please anyone (much less everyone). The Creator sent me for a purpose and, until I figure that out, I refuse to believe that my choices are all that bad.

There’s a reason for everything and maybe there’s a reason why I was able to go through the Blogging 101 Challenges until the finish line, albeit past the deadline.

I’m proud that I joined and proud that I finished. The best part is: I don’t regret anything.

I think the reason why people think I’m not sorry when I make mistakes is because they don’t _see_ me being sorry and regretful about what I did. Truth is I just rarely regret anything that happens to me. I just let it go and leave it as a part of the past, where it should be. I make mistakes and inevitably repeat the same mistakes. But in the process of trying to change, if repeating my wrongdoings is what it takes to set things right, I would do it all over again.

Finishing Blogging 101 may not be the greatest achievement there is and it may have been easier for most people to accomplish, but it wasn’t so for me. I almost left it hanging on thin air. I almost abandoned my blog entirely again. But I didn’t because I thought, if nothing in my life is going right at this point, at least I will still have my writing to remind me of the good things that I could still accomplish.

Peace and love y’all!

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