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Building lists for everything

Wed, Jul 8, 2020 | Read in 2 minutes

Life can easily become overwhelming sometimes.

This week, I am just over being productive. I’ve just had the realization that I don’t handle work pressure very well, which is a bummer because I’ve always pegged myself as someone who’s usually graceful and calm under pressure.

But when it comes to making and doing stuff for work (i.e. client work), I can just easily forget everything and focus on completing the task at the last minute. And I do get to typically complete the project but at the expense of having to neglect other aspects of my life.

I can’t afford to neglect family for work.

This was my mentality even before becoming a mom; personal always comes before work.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think there is a way to prioritize personal needs and be professional about work at the same time. I would never compromise my family’s needs over work because I can get work anywhere, anytime. But I can’t find another family. They will always be the same family I have.

So I went through all my stuff this morning and built lists for everything. From house duties to the partner to the kid to myself.

It helps to get it all out there. It helps to relieve the pressure that I ironically put on myself.

Every now and again, I remind myself that things get to be easy and lighthearted. This is a crucial mantra because I always find myself unknowingly hunching my shoulders and contracting my muscles. That’s a bad sign. That’s stress. And I think stress kills the immune system faster than any virus.

I also wrote on my daily journal today and did a couple of stretches and yoga last night. Both help me tremendously.

I do anything to alleviate stress. I have to. It’s for my own good. And if it’s for my good, it’s for other people’s good as well.

I always believe that you help others by helping yourself first.

I hope you have a much better, less stressful time as of late. Things get to be easy and lighthearted. Life is too short otherwise. 😉