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Commentaries on the Fountain of Youth

Sun, Oct 18, 2015 | Read in 3 minutes

Well, hello there!

Suffice to say that I went through a portal outside of the blog-o-sphere and came back on stealth mode (only to stalk my fellow bloggers) every now and then until after a month. I am full of surprises, so full I vomit surprises on a daily basis. Leaves a toll on my hydration status, mind you. But life goes on and I know it has for the blogs I follow (of which I am in awe for their consistency, dedication, and devotion).

Anyhow, seeing as I’m back on my game (for now heheh), I’ve hit it off with the Blogging 101 Tasks from August 2015. I’m a little nervous about this (because, hello, it’s already the middle of October!) but I choose to pursue because (1) I’m stubborn and (2) I’m not taking Elsa’s advice to “let it go” this time.

I am now on the Twelfth Task, which is to read six posts created from the same daily prompt I used for Day Eleven and comment on these posts. But then, I figured, if I wrote about the posts I’ve read and linked to them, it would ping them back as comments. So I’ll do just that. How ingenious, right? (Nope, you didn’t have to answer that.)

I couldn’t find the prompt from the Daily Post site anymore, so I picked an almost similar prompt and took it from there. So, in no particular order, here are the Top 6 posts on my list:

Simple and straight forward. I loved the idea of a Star Trek life! Personally, I haven’t watched any of the Star Trek movies in full yet but, if they’re all about discovering planets and other aliens, I’m in!

Young adulthood has also seen better days for me so far in my life. Despite being against drinking from the Fountain of Youth, if I had to choose, so far I would also choose this stage of my life. Although if I were lucky and blessed enough to experience having my own family in the future, I just know that stage would outshine my present. Great post, Allison! Thanks for sharing and, out of curiosity, I would’ve helped you search for Mr. de Leon’s map, too. 😉

“priceless artifacts of such nature are often depicted as Corruptible.”

Wow. Great line (and very true, too)! The author’s observations and thoughts are thought-provoking.

True story! I mean, literally. I think the best way to explain life and youth is through stories and this story nailed it for me.

True to life and heart warming. The Iron Man suit doesn’t have to go though. 😉

But alas, some people are blinded by the modern “Fountains” of Youth. This post points that out well. Gracefully aging is becoming rare. Hopefully, more people will be able to realize this before it’s too late.

(Featured photo from Gili Benita)