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Creative Business: On How To Be Different

Thu, Apr 28, 2016 | Read in 5 minutes

Apple happens to be one of my favorite companies not because I know much about the company’s history itself but because (probably like most people) I admire Steve Jobs and the work he has done with Apple. I admire the attention to detail and the revolutionary sense of design that he’s known for. Most of all, I admire that he encourages us to Think Different. Mr. Jobs proposes, in order to beat the competition, we don’t have to do better, we have to do it differently.

All over the Internet, you will find different people doing different things and then you will come across creative business owners. Most of these creative business owners have mastered the art of doing things differently. But how do you consider yourself different if you want to be in the same field and yet you don’t want to be like the rest of the people in your chosen industry?

In Creative Business…

Once you dive into the world of creative entrepreneurs, you become aware of the strategies these creatives share and the products that they sell. You want to do it, too, but not like everybody else. You want to cultivate Steve Jobs’ Think Different campaign in your business without being just another creative startup. But how do you do it when you’re trying to learn to be in the same industry?

Let’s take selling ebooks for example. You have ten people in your industry who are selling ebooks on the same topic. How do you write your ebooks so that it’s different from the rest and how do you keep them “unique” when essentially you’re talking about the same thing as everybody else?

There are three points in your creative business that can set you apart:

1.) Point of View

People see from different points of view. What may seem ordinary to one person may be life altering to another. Sometimes, we even narrowly look at the world strictly from where we are at. But if we want to understand and explore, we need to look at things from a different perspective.

Creating a business, especially an online creative business, may only seem challenging and difficult at first because we feel like the industry is so saturated already or people will never choose us over the ones who are already established and/ or popular.

But these are all fears that hinder us from getting to the other side. Chances are, there are people out there who don’t relate to what is already established or popular. They just don’t know it yet. They will never know it unless someone who has the same point of view launches, sells, and speaks up. That’s where your ideas come in.

2.) Experience

Hardly anyone goes through the same experience. In life, we are born and we grow up according to the concepts of nature and nurture. Things happen towards us that are beyond our control and, sometimes, we need to make things happen for ourselves. We create our own experiences and we are made by the lessons we learn from experience.

Business is an imitation of life.

An idea is created and you deliver that idea through your business. Whatever happens in your business is an experience that will never be the same as another. Your experience is inherently yours and, as a business, you’re greatest asset is determined by how you react to challenges and circumstances.

Will you fight further or keep waiting for the right moment to strike? Will you succumb to the pressure or resiliently choose to change the way you think? Will you give up now or will you keep on learning?

These questions determine your business as a whole. These questions are the factors that will shape your experience. And these are the factors that differentiate you from the rest, in business or in life.

3.) Strategy.

Your strategy in business is the sum of your point of view and experience. Your strategy is your reaction. It is how you deal with what you see and experience. Your strategy is when you start to think about how you will push through with your ideas.

People and creative business owners have different ways and different strategies in which they handle their work. Some strategies may look similar but what makes them different lies in their values.

Early on and before starting with the execution of your ideas, take a moment to consider your core values. These values are very important in sustaining your business and eventually in inviting others to join in sharing the same message. It is the lifeline of your business and the reason why people are attracted towards you. Its the ultimate factor that defines what makes your business unique.

In Life…

We sometimes ask ourselves whether we are capable enough to do or accomplish a particular goal. It leads us to thinking we might just be another ordinary person living life like the rest of the people in this world.

But our ideas and our values make us extraordinary.

We may be ordinary people, but we are ordinary people with extraordinary ideas and values. Should we choose to pursue these extraordinary goals, it might pave way to becoming extraordinary ourselves.

The goal is not to be out of the ordinary. The goal is not to be different for the sake of being different either. The goal is simply to be ourselves.

What it really means to be different is to be who we are and accept it with all of us.

We don’t need to learn to think differently. We are all already different as human individuals. We just need someone to acknowledge our sameness. Yes, it is a wonderful paradox to be human, to be different and yet the same.