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Day 1: Reminisce

Tue, Oct 4, 2016 | Read in 2 minutes

Ever since I came back home, there has always been time for reminiscing. Tropical weather does that to you a lot. It’s like you never run out of thoughts to think and imaginations to imagine.

The Point

The point of this blog post is for me to be able to write more and regularly. I mean, if I say I love writing, I have to mean it, right? And there has to be a venue where I’m doing what I love, right? Otherwise, it’s just an awkward thing you claim to the person next to you. Case in point:

Me: I’m a writer.

Person next to me: Oh, cool! What do you write?

Me: *silence amidst the sound of crickets*

The History

I used to be down at elaineaquino @ Then I’ve moved to Ellie for the Road (not existent anymore) until I finally settled for Isla Notes. But trust me, the story behind my previous blogs is long and dreary and just not fun to tell generally. I recommend against going in depth.

The Future

…is filled with good intentions. 😉

Isla is a word which, in Filipino, means island. I live in one of the islands of the Philippines. I used to work for two years in sandier pastures abroad and am happier beyond words that I decided to come home.

I’ll be in the Philippines for some time and will be documenting my thoughts as I go, everyday for a year, if I dare say. 🙂