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Day 11: Ideas and a wedding

Mon, Nov 14, 2016 | Read in 4 minutes

This post was originally written on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 2:22 PM.

This afternoon, I’m set to attend a friend’s wedding. The friend is actually my partner’s workmate whom I met when we were in Dubai.

It’s amazing how we can learn so many things from traveling and especially when working abroad. You know that feeling you get when you realize that the world is actually quite BIG? It’s a nice and scary feeling at the same time. It’s nice because there’s still so much to explore. It’s scary because you don’t really know what you’ll find ’till you discover it yourself. And within this beautiful, mysterious combination of nice and scary, we meet people along the way and we become part of their stories as well as they become part of ours.

Now later in the wedding, I don’t expect to be actually talking to everyone in the event but I know I would be thinking to myself about a lot of things. And in the middle of my thoughts, ideas will inevitably come up. Ideas that only come at times when you’re not working at all.

I’m not sure how these ideas start nor how they’re triggered but they always seem to be set on random mode all the time.

What if later during the wedding I’ll come up with a service, product, or blog post for this website?

They say it’s always good to keep a small notebook and a pen with you wherever you go for cases like these. Wherever you are, you’ll always be thinking and your thoughts might lead you to your best idea ever. So it’s good advice to take note of them before they slip your mind as you get back to reality.

How exactly then do you develop a system for these ideas once they’re jotted down on your little notebook or saved on the Notes app on your phone? And what do you do with them once they’re there, saved and waiting for you to get back to them after you deal with everyday life?

I think…

1. It’s a good idea to take a look at your ideas notebook every other day.

If we check them everyday, we just might not be able to grasp the entire view because we keep looking at the same exact thing very often. But if we go back to our daily setup and then we take a look at what we wrote down a day or two after, we might just gain a little more perspective.

2. You should go for it immediately.

Of course there’s also the prospect of acting on your ideas as soon as you can and as much as possible within the span of time that you’re so hyped up on those ideas. Sometimes you just have to get the creative juices flowing and not stop until it you work your heart out.

3. You should open up these ideas with somebody you trust, someone who can give you their full attention—all eyes and ears on you.

They don’t really need to say something about your idea or even if they do, you don’t always have to follow everything they say because just the simple act of sharing your ideas will tend to trigger you to answer your own questions and come up with solutions to your own problems. There’s always the possibility that the answer was always there staring you in the face but it just won’t show unless it’s put out there in the open.

Whatever the case, developing a system for these ideas is beneficial since it actually lets you go back to them when you’re unable to do so immediately.

So the proposed system is:

Idea > Save > Sort > Schedule > Implement > Evaluate

Like any system, it forms a cycle that’s repeatable until you finally reach your goal.

I meant to write this post and publish it before the wedding. But now it’s a day after we attended the said wedding and fortunately for me no ideas came up. Why? Because I enjoyed the wedding so much I couldn’t get myself to divert my attention elsewhere.

I still think it’s still a blessing to not be so panicky about coming up with new things so much so that I lose sight of what’s actually unfolding in front of me, like two people exchanging vows.

I’ve just witnessed a special moment and it would be such a bummer if I ruined it by thinking about other things instead. So all is good. The wedding was great. I felt rested and thankful and that’s just the way life is.

Have you ever been someplace meaningful and decided to not let work get in the way? How do you handle work when it’s bugging you at the back of your mind and you just know you needed that time to rest or to have your full attention towards a particular event?