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Day 17: One-day PRC Nursing license processing

Sun, Jan 22, 2017 | Read in 3 minutes

This post is for Nursing professionals looking to apply for their license and get an ID from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in the Philippines. For more information on applying for initial registration, visit the PRC website here. You may also download the steps and forms required by the PRC here. This post applies to the PRC in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Props to their office and the officer/s for the fast correspondence and processing!

In the Philippines, correspondence often takes 45 years. Okay, I’m exaggerating. It’s only 11 years (😅). Government procedures are definitely no exemption. It’s simply the way things are, although the government is now pursuing ways to make processing smoother and more efficient. Sometimes, though, it cannot be helped, i.e. lots of folks processing stuff at the same time and existing technology can’t keep up. Lack of follow-up usually merits your agenda as inactive and, therefore, you need to act on it or it will stay inactive for eternity.

So you get my point.

When I processed my Nursing license (I passed the board exam 2012 but just got to terms with getting a license by end of 2016 because I can lol), I expected the same old things. In fact, on the initial day of processing, the officer told me I might get my license by next year, by which he meant sometime January 2017. It was December 28, 2016 to be fair.

So, okay, I can deal with that.

Things happened and requirements were needed so I was not able to complete the licensing process on the 28th. I completed requirements the next day though. I went back to the PRC, and by 5pm, voila, my license no. and ID were ready! Holy smokes.

This is how it rolled.

4 Steps to Process Philippine Nursing License Registration

  1. Get the Initial Registration form (below) from the nearest PRC office and fill up.

2. Prepare the following requirements:

  * Two (2) documentary stamps

  * Two (2) passport size picture in plain background with complete name tag

  * Current Community Tax Certificate (cedula)
  1. Visit the window for initial registration and they will give you the Oath form. Fill up the form and then the officer will advise you to wait for some time for the processing.

  2. Claim your license! 😀

Now that I already have a nursing license, I feel more responsible about the health advice I give out both online and offline. I am thinking of practicing within the hospital setting but honestly I am more passionate about writing and coding. Also, I would feel bad for the people I work with and serve if I’m only doing half-hearted work especially with Nursing, where the nurse is expected to give whole-hearted therapeutic care. For all the nurses out there, I salute you! And for all those creative souls who feel stuck with a job because it is expected of them, know that your life is your life. Don’t waste it trying to please others. Pursue what fulfills you! ❤️