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Day 20: On focus and purpose

Sat, Jan 28, 2017 | Read in 3 minutes

You determine where your focus lies everyday. Before this post, I used to have a list of “Writing Ideas” that would take care of my daily blogs for at least 2 weeks in advance. But then I stopped on my tracks yesterday. I knew I wanted to write but I was not sold on the idea of “limiting” myself to write on certain topics.

Although I know that constraints inspire creativity, I don’t think the concept of that is entirely applicable for me in terms of creativity. Personal writing is my way of expression. And when I limit myself when I write, it feels like I need to conform to the topic I’m supposed to write about. Now a little bit of conforming is good for employment or business, but not for expression. I love freedom and I want to focus on writing freely on my blog (because, if not here, where else?). Perhaps if I set up business on another website, then I can determine more focused topics over there.


Yes, that subtitle is pronounced similarly with “creative.” And, yes, that’s the creative business website I’ve been planning to launch since late last year. I haven’t come to terms with the full plan for CR8V yet but I have a few ideas and, when I do come to a point where I’m ready to implement, focus and purpose will be the number one priority over there without a doubt.

This Blog

After reviewing with myself about what I really want (and love) to do, I figured that writing on this blog is more of expressing myself through what I know and am comfortable with. There are some of us who are not very adept at expressing feelings verbally or physically but find themselves better at expressing through the written (or digital) media. I guess I’m one of the latter. And I find that writing on this blog allows me not only to put out my thoughts but also—quite importantly—discover more about the things that (and people who) inspire me.

On Changes

Recently, I’ve been toying with the idea of re-designing my blog again (hello, short attention span squirrel!) and I was thinking of yellow. I’ve always thought about yellow. Yellow has a special place in my mind (and heart, dare I say). I read from a blog post that the color yellow depicted characteristics of spontaneity and instability. And that hit me like bulls eye. Dude, I AM spontaneity and instability! So changes are very likely to come in the next few days.

Perhaps the main change would be a switch back to WordPress. HTMLy is still my favorite flat file-based blogging platform in the open source world and I was actually thinking of re-designing both front and back ends of this software but time and resources are not on my side at the moment. WordPress is one of the first blogging platforms I’ve known way back then and it still is one of the most beautifully coded out there. I’m switching back because I need to keep up with my deadline but I’ll still try to work on HTMLy every now and then (and of course share the progress as much as I can 😉).