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Day 21: Don’t forget intention

Sun, Jan 29, 2017 | Read in 3 minutes

It’s hard to write everyday. The number one challenge of writing is almost always this: What in the world am I going to write? And I guess the answer has been within the question all along. The world. There’s so many things happening within this world and the beauty of describing these things through art and writing can be satiating to the soul. But don’t forget intention. Intention sets the pace of anything you want to do or accomplish.


What are some goals you’re hoping to achieve this year? Tomorrow? In the next few minutes? Why do you want to achieve that goal? Today I made a DIY motivational poster and placed it in the common area of our house. I let my family write their goals on the poster. It’s a nice way to remember what we would like to accomplish and work towards everyday.


In whatever field you’re working on, there will always be other people you’ll admire. They may inspire and motivate you to pursue your own dreams, too. And sometimes, your dreams will look like theirs.

That’s okay.

What seems like similar dreams and goals can be shared by different people. But you don’t have to let other people’s achievements become a comparison point for your own success. You can set your own path and write your own standards.


I always tell myself to focus on myself. I’m not very good at it though. Inevitably, I look to my sides and see my colleagues doing awesome things that I want to do, too. I want to emulate them in almost every way until I lose energy from trying to act, look, and be someone I could never be. So then I go back to myself.

I focus and ask, What do I want in my life/ work/ relationships and what’s my “why”?

It is difficult to follow our own paths especially when we see people being successful for following theirs. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking you should be like them in order to be successful. But really, there’s a million more possibilities out there if we set out on our own roads (yes, even the ones less traveled) and work hard on what we do.

It’s still a challenge to try to write on a daily basis but it’s the only way to become better at my chosen line of work. Once you remember your own, personal intentions for starting, you will be able to differentiate yourself. It’s not about being different for the sake of it. It’s about finding out you’re different and owning it anyway.