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Day 22: January report

Tue, Jan 31, 2017 | Read in 3 minutes

It’s officially the start of February 2017. One of the immense benefits of writing is its capability to record thoughts and feelings that you can go back to at any time you’d like in the future. It’s convenient because you get to track your progress (or lack thereof). Then you are able to evaluate what worked and what didn’t to your advantage. I often find myself at a loss in terms of progress because I don’t necessarily keep up-to-date on reports and what-nots with regards to how I’m coming through with goals. And so, if this year’s word is “productive” then I will have to keep at it by writing down a progress report of sorts to remind myself whether I was awesome (or not) in the past month.


Although January is such exciting times for everyone, I didn’t actually get straight to work until around the last few weeks of the first month of 2017. This is possibly because I was so caught up with wanting everything to be perfect before I start anything at all. I made the choice to continue my 365 days of blogging even though the practice isn’t done in 365 consecutive days. I find that I only write when I feel like it and I guess this is one area I really need to change. Hopefully, February 2017 will see me writing more often despite any (or most) circumstances.


Programming-wise, I’m frequently just sifting through information about PHP and then tweaking my way from there. Not much, I know. But definitely better than not bothering to continue coding at all. Now that I’m not preoccupied with pressing matters of school or day jobs anymore, that ought to be reason enough to pursue coding goals and quests as much as possible (albeit second to writing according to priority).


I’ve finally made the jump to checking out interesting cafes and co-working spaces within my locale, which is a good start for February so that I know the places I can go to for extra focus and concentration (and sometimes peace of mind). Co-working is great. It keeps me feeling active. 🙂

So far the year has been good, give or take a couple of rainy seasons in my city/ country. But nothing that we can’t handle, I hope. I have found that I do need lots of self-evaluation in order to keep up with my own progress. Evaluation is an essential part of learning after all, although it’s the step that’s often overlooked as it goes at the end of any process. Keeping this short for now.