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Day 23: Write your heart out

Mon, Feb 6, 2017 | Read in 3 minutes

Structures don’t usually work with me. I’ll play with a particular system for a few days and then, after a couple more days, I’d be going after another style of doing things. I’ve just realized this recently. Another thing I’ve realized? Writing consistently for 365 days is hard. Harder than most would realize. There are some days when you’re just NOT in the mood because you’re having cramps (it’s hormonally more challenging when you’re female, you know).

The Past Four Months

I started my 365 days of blogging challenge on October 5, 2016 officially from my other blog at Isla Notes. Since then, I’ve written 23 blog posts including this one. Not much, right? That’s 23 out of 125 days. That’s 18% of the 100% of work I was supposed to put into the challenge. And the crazy things is: it doesn’t bother me one bit.

The past four months have been spent in ways I wouldn’t call “fully productive” but nonetheless well-spent because I was with my family, and I am doing the things that I’ve longed to be doing for so long.

Writing is what I want to be doing for the rest of my days, consecutively or otherwise. I’m happy. If I were so consistent with my 365 days of blogging, that would be a big bonus. I’ve realized long enough that regrets are nonsensical. They just aren’t worth the time mushing about.

Just Write

So I write. And I write just about anything that I think can help other people as much as possible. I’m not an expert in writing. Heck, I’m not an expert in even being helpful all the time.

But I think there’s something about sharing experiences and the possibility that others could relate as well.

Even if they don’t say anything in the comments. Even if you’re just reading this right now. When you try to throw a ball in the air, you don’t necessarily reach the basket the first time. It takes a lot of shots to finally score.

Writing With A Heart

It was Ms. Universe Philippines Pia Alonzo-Wurtzbach, a fellow Filipina, who talked about being “confidently beautiful with a heart” during Q&A. Confidently beautiful? Doable. What struck me most was the phrase, “with a heart.”

Because how many people do things with their heart? If you wear your heart on your sleeve so much, you put yourself in a position where you could be labeled “naive” or “sensitive.” But if it helps uphold the humanity of what you’re doing, wouldn’t you do it anyway? Would you still mind the fucking labels?

Strategies, plans, tactics, and systems. All of these can be figured out if you have enough time and resources. But the opportunity to relate, to throw out kindness to those who can’t do anything for you in return, to be human with another human? These are things that only make sense not after you’ve figured out the perfect strategy but when you choose—no, when you DARE—to use your heart.

On top of my writing (in)consistency, I also deal with the prospect of WordPress vs HTMLy vs SquareSpace vs Everything. And I think I’ve just come up with the perfect solution: I’ll retain HTMLy, but I’ll also post on WordPress linking back here on my website. SEO tactic? Possibly, probably, yes. Hitting two birds with one stone? Heck, literally, YES. So… see you on multiple blogging platforms! ‘Til next time.