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Day 26: Writing is about words

Thu, Feb 9, 2017 | Read in 3 minutes

There’s a really good saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If so, how many words does a selfie make? I’m just kidding. I didn’t really mean to talk about selfies today. I meant to talk about using pictures to accompany blog posts or write-ups. If you’re all about the writing, are pictures necessarily relevant? Of course. Pictures make a point. Why do you think models are highly paid?

But Writing Though

The thing, however, is I want to be a writer–not a photographer. How much effort should I then put into my blog posts in terms of the (stock) photos I use?

Personally, I use images from It’s one of the best free stock photo sites out there. I don’t care if another website uses the same photo that I’m using. On the contrary, I think it’s cool.

It’s cool to be the same as much as it’s cool to be different.

There’s no such thing as, Well, he used the photo way better on his blog than I did. The point of writing, for me, is art. If photos add to that art, then all the more that writing can be communicated well to the potential reader. It’s not just because people are visual. For me, pictures complement words. And that’s beautiful.

Consolidating Images With Words

What is consolidate? A simple highlight and “Lookup” tells me that the word consolidate means to “make (something) physically stronger or more solid,” which only proves my point about writing.

Using strong images to pair with your write-ups can immensely change the feel of your writing. It strengthens it. Again, it makes a point.

So why then do some of us prefer not to use images in/ when writing? I think it’s always the author’s choice. Whether you’re a blogger, novelist, magazine editor, or copywriter, it’s all up to you whether you think a photo can help get your point across to your audience or otherwise. I admire writers who inspire, entertain, and inform with words and words alone. Imagination at its best.

Keeping It Simple and Personal

As I said, the choice to use photos on your blog is personal. If you do, it enhances the experience for your viewers. If you don’t, it focuses the reader’s attention on your writing. Both are win-win situations. As long as you put something out there that helps or resonates with someone, you’re winning. You’re sharing. You’re communicating. And you’re making things happen.

As I’m sitting here listening to my one-month old niece talk to her invisible friend in baby speak, I find that there’s such beauty in seeing her. I don’t have to photograph her to show you how beautiful this moment is. You can use imagination and your imagination is far more powerful. Perhaps both words and photos are tools for the imagination. One can also work without the other. It depends on how you want the experience to be. Practicality tells us that writers write and photographers take pictures and that’s it. But there are lots of writers who take photographs and vice versa. I guess it’s all about trying out things and continuously improving on what you know and how you share what you know. 🙂