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Day 28: The continuation

Wed, May 17, 2017 | Read in 2 minutes

Struggles happen everyday–almost every few minutes even.

I have struggled to write on my blog for so long. The fear of failure. The unknown. The list of pleasurable things that tempt me on a daily basis. The short attention span. These are all reasons that are not, for the most part, valid.

Therefore, I officially invalidate mah-self.

Yes. That’s right. We are so afraid to not feel validated because it hurts to know that our feelings aren’t valid. That our pain isn’t valid. But…

That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt. – John Green

No one likes to feel or be invalidated but I can no longer submit and be passive and just go with what makes me happy for the moment.

**I’m invalidating myself, specifically the actions that bring me temporary happiness. **

I accept that things have a way of pulling us into multiple directions.  Life is meant to be lived in the present, yes, but not at the expense of my own future.

Reality is: I wasn’t really doing my time justice. I was wasting it.

And it takes guts to acknowledge you’re wrong. The sad part is when you could’ve done right but chose otherwise.

It took me so long to write again, to create this post. I guess I could blame it on life. But still, I need to do what I’m meant to do. To still move on. Despite the gap. Despite the pathetic reasons in between.

Because I’m writing. I’m publishing. No matter what. No matter when. No matter how. The only person who can help me is me. And I choose to continue. 🙂