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Day 31: Sundays are for rest and reflection

Sat, May 20, 2017 | Read in 1 minutes

Dear Friend,

Hi, how are you? How’s your heart? How’s your mind?

How’s your spirit?

You might be excited by a lot of things right now.

Or you may be fearful that you’re still not earning (enough) yet.

You may constantly worry about how you can go on for the next day when you know you’ve run out of resources.

But before you thought of all that, didn’t you wake up today?

Before you began worrying about the last two weeks of the month, didn’t the previous weeks bring you more joy than you ever could experience at work?

Before you began listing the number of ways your budget is not going to meet, weren’t you already provided for?

Sometimes, Friend, you need to rest and reflect. Instead of move and worry.

Gratefulness is not just another tactic and spirituality is not overrated.

When you find little things to be thankful for at the beginning of your morning, in the middle of the day, or before you sleep at night, you begin to appreciate that life is one long, winding roller coaster.

Yes, sometimes you’re up, other times you’re down.

And it’s all part of the ride.