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Day 42: May report

Thu, Jun 1, 2017 | Read in 3 minutes

May has been a month of breakthroughs for me.

Because my word for the year is “productive,” I became even more motivated to write and to turn lazy days into something more meaningful.

How it took me until May to start writing consistently, though, I have no idea.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why I became so committed to writing everyday on this blog was because I attended an online school called The Creative Rebel Academy. During my participation, I felt compelled to become active on every class activity.

It might be because I was offered the opportunity of a sponsorship (or a “scholarship,” if you will), which made me even more motivated to do my best to learn from and provide feedback for The Academy.

Or it might probably because I simply love the teachers and the Chief Rebel herself.

It was truly a fun experience. Generally, the whole thing led me back into the world of writing and blogging (more) consistently.

I realized then just how important accountability was.

Coincidentally, this morning, I read a blog post about how willpower is not enough if you plan to stay committed to something (like changing your life, for starters–nothing fancy, am I right?).

“Instead of focusing on your behavior, focus on your environment. Your environment — including the people you surround yourself with — is the clearest indicator of who you are and who you’re becoming.” – Benjamin Hardy

Belonging to a community of people (like I did with the creative rebels) provided for me an environment where people supported and believed in the same things I believed in.

If you run through my Archives, you’ll find that the only other report I had was for the month of January. That’s how much I slacked off.

To be honest and fair, I could still go through it again. Periods of un-productivity and idleness, after all, aren’t so out-of-this-world difficult to accomplish.

**But I refuse to dwell on something that hasn’t even happened yet or might not even happen at all. **I don’t wanna sweat about it.

So as for the report, starting May 21, I have been publishing everyday. The theme for that week was all about website building.

From May 28 until the present, I’ve been focusing on all things related to making content.

So far, so good for the second half of May.

Now that I’m working full time, I will still try to post once a day.

I can’t wait to see what’s on the other side of my 365 days of blogging project. On one hand, I might succeed and complete the task. On the other, I might learn and actually grow in my chosen craft. No matter the results, I will enjoy the process. And I will keep creating. I will keep documenting. I won’t stop until I get to a year of writing. And even then, I’ll still write some more. 🙂