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Day 44: How to minimize WordPress plugins

Wed, Jun 28, 2017 | Read in 2 minutes

Did you know about shortcodes?

When people are faced with a WordPress dilemma, the first instinct is to search for a plugin that can deal. But as we’ve discussed before, too many plugins can affect the quality, delivery, and speed of your website. Enter, shortcodes.

WordPress(.com) shortcodes are a great way to minimize the number of plugins that are added to your system.

Notice I added the .com? That’s because it’s different from, which is where all self-hosted WordPress software are born out of come from. is a more “commercial” version of WordPress, which is meant for peeps who’d like their hosting _and _WordPress software managed for them. has some shortcodes that actually work even for self-hosted WordPress sites (aka those from

For example, instead of searching for a plugin for or embedding from sites like Instagram, you can just use the Instagram shortcode or paste the link (of your Instagram photo) on your WordPress editor. That’s what I used on this post.

Just a P.S. though, I’m also using the Jetpack plugin so I think some shortcodes will depend on it being installed on your system first.

The important thing to note is that, before you go looking for plugins, you can search WordPress Support here and you may just find useful tips and tricks to make your WordPress life easier.

That’s it for my little info nugget for you today. Do you have anything more to add on how to minimize WordPress plugins? Please share in the comments below.